Course maps and descriptions

Half marathon and 12km run/walk courses

Half Marathon Adventure Run and Walk

The approximate Half Marathon Adventure Run and Walk takes you on a figure-8 course. Head north along Wairanu Road before turning right into the sealed Gorge Road for a steady, testing uphill stretch. This section includes the highest point on the course and is particularly scenic, rewarding your efforts with views of distant Mt Ruapehu on a good day. After cresting the hill on Gorge Road, you turn right, leaving the tar seal as you head onto a quiet gravel road (Tuhoe Road), where you soon reach a turn-off onto a private farm track. On this undulating off-road stretch you will cross a paddock leading onto an exciting stretch of paper road. The paper road includes a steep downhill zig-zag which leads back onto a gravel road (Hibberds Road). Hibberds Road rejoins Wairanu Road where you turn left to take a gradual uphill loop along Tuhoe Road before you hit the farm tracks and paper road again for a second whirl-through. After this second off-road stretch you head home on a combination of gravel and tar seal where your unique Gumboot Gallop medal awaits you at the finish. Less than 7km of the course is run on tar, with the remaining 14+km on a combination of gravel, paper road and paddock.

Course profile
The Half Marathon has a total elevation gain of about 700m.

The Half Marathon is open to runners and walkers, and both winning runners and walkers will be acknowledged at prize giving. However, the event does not include a competitive walking category as the nature of the course (including a paddock and a steep paper road downhill) is such that it is not suitable for strict race walking.

Aid stations for the Half Marathon course will be available at approximately 3.5km, 5.8km, 9.8km, 13km, 15.6km and 19.7km.

12km Run/Walk

The roughly 12km Run/Walk starts off on the same course as the Half Marathon Adventure Run, heading north Along Wairanu Road before turning right to head up the scenic tar seal section of Gorge Road with its breathtaking views over the region. At about 5km you turn right onto a gravel road (Tuhoe Road) but instead of following the figure-8 of the Half Marathon, you keep going in a clockwise direction along the undulating 12km loop (thus cutting out the paddock, steep downhill and paper road). Near the 10km mark the road becomes Wairanu Road again. The final approximately 1.5km of Wairanu Road is sealed, so you start and finishes on tar seal, with the middle section on gravel. The course is about half-and-half tar seal and gravel.

Course profile
The 12km course has a total elevation gain of about 350m.

The 12km course is scenic and interesting, and presents a great opportunity to challenge yourself to go beyond the 10km distance. Run entirely on tar seal and gravel, the 12km course is suitable for runners and walkers, and includes competitive categories for both disciplines.

Aid stations for the 12km course will be available at approximately 3.5km, 5.8km, 8.5km and 11.2km.

5km fun run/walk and 2.5km kids run

The 5km Fun Run/walk starts in the opposite direction to the above events. This exciting out-and-back course heads out along Wairanu Road and Hibberds Road, with the first 1.5km on tar seal, the middle 2km on gravel and the final 1.5km back on tar seal. An aid station is available along the out-and back course, which fun runners will pass at about the 1.5km and 3.5km marks.

The Fun Run/walk is open to runners and walkers, but as this is a fun, non-competitive event there will not be separate running and walking categories – the entry page therefore has one participant category (runner) only.

The 2.5km Kids Run is run on a sealed road. It follows the same path as the 5km fun run, but turns around before reaching the gravel section.

Gumboot Gallop

The Gumboot Gallop is a fun FREE event of a few hundred metres, taking place at the end of the day before prize giving. To participate in the Gumboot Gallop you need gumboots (compulsory), and fancy dress is encouraged. The course runs through farmland and may include some random obstacles, but nothing you won’t be able to successfully traverse in your favourite pair of gummies.